Why is it important to visit the dentist early?

Routine visits help us to catch problems early on! We focus on preventative dental care, which helps set you and your family up for a lifetime of excellent oral health.

The earlier we can establish trust with you and your child, the less likely they are to develop problems like dental anxiety in the future.

We use customized care plans to ensure your child’s specific needs are being met. The first visit is also a great time to talk to the doctor about: 

At Indian Trail Dental Care

We strive to provide the highest quality dental care to all members of your family, including the youngest! First impressions are very important to Dr Shelby and the team (and no, we’re not just talking about your teeth!).

That’s why our team focuses on creating a fun and friendly environment for every visit. Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children have their first visit to the dentist by their first birthday? Routine checkups are vital to your child’s oral health, and common dental issues and dental anxiety are much less likely if your child is comfortable with the dentist at an early age. Having a positive association with going to the dentist will set you and your child up for success!
What to expect during YOUR first visit


We keep the visit short, only 30-40 minutes.


You will receive a gentle cleaning and polishing to remove plaque and build-up.


Dr. Shelby will show you and your child proper home care such as flossing and brushing.


X-rays aren’t often necessary but may be recommended to diagnose tooth decay


Pick out a special toy for completing your first visit and set up your next appointment!

Routine visits help us to catch problems early on! We focus on preventative dental care >> BOOK AN APPOINTMENT

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