We are excited and grateful to include massage and rehab therapy in our clinic!

It has been 3 years since we began offering massage therapy and are proud of all 3 of the great therapists we have onstaff, who are available to help our patients recover from illness and injury.

Many patients already have massage therapy as an insurance benefit and we have credentialling in place for most of the major carriers, so please ask your doctor if massage might be of benefit to your case.

In addition, we have added 2 “Movement Therapists”, Jennifer Fisk, and Cheree Sauer, with extensive backgrounds in personal and athletic training. The expertise they bring to our clinic allows our patients to recover more quickly, while offering education that will help them reduce the need for follow up care in the future, by staying strong and flexible.

At times in our practice, we have wished for the resources to teach our patients the fundamentals of good movement and exercise, without overloading them with too much information, yet help them achieve a good understanding of the basics that will help them to stay healthy and minimize the need for future care. The answer to that dilemma now lies with a short series of personal instruction sessions with one of our two movement specialists. Please ask your doctor if personal one-on-one training would be helpful for you, if you are struggling to stay strong and flexible, or are having trouble avoiding re-aggravation of old injuries and complaints.

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